Samsung SyncMaster 720N working only @60Hz

Thomas Ilnseher illth at
Wed Apr 9 01:13:58 PDT 2008

Am Dienstag, den 08.04.2008, 21:02 +0300 schrieb Laszlo Kustan:
> Hi Matthias,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Unfortunately none of the two modelines you provided work correctly.
> With the first one I have 69 Hz and with the second one 75 Hz.
> No matter what modeline I use, I have 60 Hz at startup and I can
> change with xrandr to 75 Hz, which actually is only 69 Hz and this
> ain't confortable for the eyes at all.
I had a quick look on the internet: the syncmaster 720N is a TFT
monitor. So there are two questions:

a) WHY isn't 60 Hz comfortable to your eyes? It's a TFT,it doesn't
flicker. I remember back the days when i still had a CRT, anything below
85Hz was a PITA, but now, I run my 24" TFT @ 60Hz and the image is far
better then that 19" CRT shit ever had (even running it with 100Hz).

b) Are you really sure that your monitor can do > 60Hz ? I know a lot of
TFTs that can't .... You know, it requires @ least faster ADCs to allow
a higher frame rate, and faster ADCs are more expensive than the slower
ones ...

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