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Thu Apr 3 14:18:10 PDT 2008

> For those of you who have been desiring TV-out support over SDVO, I
> pushed some code that should get us closer.  I'm trying to follow the
> spec, but I'm not getting any output on my system.  I'm hampered by the
> fact that the BIOS doesn't set up my card (so I don't have anything to
> compare to), and that I've only got a lame LCD projector to output to
> here (so if I've got bad timings, it won't give me anything different
> from being disconnected).

I recently ported my SDVO TV out code to the intel2.1.1 driver. I've
attached my patch hopefully something in there will be of help.

> The main weird part of SDVO TV-out I can see is that you're supposed to
> set output timings appropriate to your format, but it's not specified
> what the timings are for the various formats in the spec.  I also bet
> that the preferred input timing commands will actually be supported and
> relevant to getting it working, unlike on TMDS outputs.  That may be
> troublesome for us, as preferred input timing is supposed to be done
> after output timing is set, but we're supposed to have set adjusted_mode
> (to be picked up for pipe programming) earlier in the process.

I remember something along those lines but can't remember exactly what as it
was a long time ago, should be in the patch though.

> So, the code and register definitions are there for anyone to play with.
> If you don't have the desire to hack on the code, but you've got SDVO TV
> out working at the console, I'd love to see a Xorg.0.log log with
> ModeDebug set in xorg.conf (and i830_dump_sdvo_regs() called in
> i830_sdvo_init() for bonus points).

I'll forward some logs to you they are a bit on the large side so I'll send
them off list.

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Will Wiseman

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