problems with rgb.txt in xorg

walter harms WHarms at
Thu Apr 3 06:41:24 PDT 2008

hi gao,
The new versions have no rgb.txt support any more.
You need to use the Xcms.txt or a file defined with exoport XCMSDB=<path>/<file>.
Unfortunately the support is buggy and you may like to test my patch
If you need i also have a awk script that rewrites a rgb.txt into Xcms.txt.


example Xcms.txt

TEST1   RGB:ed/f8/b1
TEST2   RGB:c7/e9/b4
TEST3   RGB:7f/cd/bb
TEST4   RGB:41/b6/c4
TEST5   RGB:1d/91/c0
TEST6   RGB:22/5e/a8
TEST7   RGB:0c/2c/84
TEST8   RGB:8b/00/8b

m gao wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I have a software using rgb.txt with the customized colors in it, running very well in old linux with  motif ( X11). I want to port this software to fc7 (Xorg), somehow, rgb.txt is ignored. Where can I find the corresponding rgb.txt in fc7 so that I can add the cutomized colors into that file? Thanks!
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