having an xorg not binded to a virtual terminal?

Christophe Lohr Christophe.Lohr at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Apr 3 03:05:05 PDT 2008

Samuel Thibault a écrit :

> But then when the user switches to text mode, the other screen will go
> blank, which is not what he wants.
>> Could you please describe better what you intend to do
> I think he basically wants xorg to not talk with linux' console
> management _at all_ and just always display its content on the second
> monitor.

Hum. The context is rather complicated. I would like to do a kind of 
"media renderer" with my PC, while continuing to use it as a desktop PC. 
(Maybe should I buy a secondary PC for this purpose...)
My second video card has a TV output. It is an old nvidia. As you know, 
NV requires X to get the TV out working (IMHO, having the TV-out via a 
frambuffer would be better...). The input is a remote control via LIRC.
This media renderer should works  without interaction at all with the 
linux console, as someone else (e.g. me) may sits in front of the PC, 
uses the "normal" gdm session or switch from one text mode console to 
another, etc.
(note for Tiago Vignatti: it is just an old habit. Time to time I prefer 
the plain old full-screen text console with big characters... ;-) )

That's why I think a xorg not binded to linux' console management could 
be nice.


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