[SOLVED] Re: Problem NOT using Xinerama with Quadhead

Markus Manninger, Ing. markus.manninger at gmx.net
Thu Apr 3 06:26:30 PDT 2008

Markus Manninger, Ing. wrote:
> Hi,
> I made my quadhead system running but just with the option "Xinerama" 
> "on" ... if i change it to of the xserver hangs after starting. If i use 
> the xinerama everyting runs well but i need to access the different 
> displays.
> Here is my xorg.conf:
> http://www.8ung.at/mmax/xorg/xorg.conf.xinerama
> Maybe someone can help me how to turn off the xinerama feature?

Found the problem ... i had to prevent the server from loading the dri 
module, which caused the server to crash. The module is not compatible 
with xinerama that's why it didn't crash when i enabled xinerama.


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