MDI implementation

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Thu May 31 23:46:04 PDT 2007

Igor Korot wrote:
> Yes, reason explained above. I'm using wxWidgets library, which is based on GTK+.
> So, is it possible to do that based on the X only interface?
> If so, where can I find the doc to such classes/functions?
> Besides, I do think that QT has to call some X functions/classes to implement
> such API....

Xlib is very low-level, far below the concept of MDI. Anything on the UI 
is just a window with certain looks and certain event masks (e.g. a 
button is a window that listens for button events and updates it's 
canvas accordingly).

Just learning how to use Xlib is a start, but don't expect MDI-like 
functions. The closest thing to MDI I can think of right now is 
XReparentWindow(), but that's only half of what you actually need to do.


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