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>> >Hi, ALL,
>> >Is it possible to implement Windows-like MDI system using the X
>> >library?
>I think I've seen QT do something to that effect. I don't know if GTK+
>will do it but I imagine it will. 

Yes, QT is able to do that. However, looks like GTK+ supports only tabs as MDI
children, which is not working for my needs.

>It would behoove you to use a high-level toolkit instead of xlib
>directly, so unless you have a specific reason to do that I would
>recommend against it.

Yes, reason explained above. I'm using wxWidgets library, which is based on GTK+.
So, is it possible to do that based on the X only interface?
If so, where can I find the doc to such classes/functions?
Besides, I do think that QT has to call some X functions/classes to implement
such API....

>> >If yes, can you point me to the appropriate documentation.
>> >
>> >Thank you.
>> >
>> >P.S.: Please reply to me as well. I'm not a subscriber.
Disregard that. Turns out, I can't send anything to the list if I'm not a subscriber....

Thank you.

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