Some feedback regarding xf86-video-ati and the randr-1.2 branch.

Erik Andrén erik.andren at
Tue May 29 06:38:42 PDT 2007


2007/5/29, Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at>:
> On 5/28/07, Erik Andrén <erik.andren at> wrote:
> > Hi.
> > I've compiled this branch against xserver 1.3 and everything boots up
> > fine. Here are the issues I'm currently experiencing:
> It looks like you are using an older version of the branch.

Yeah, I'm compiling against the current version supplied in Ubuntu Gutsy

> > 1. The DPI value differs against the value calculated in the 6.6.3
> > version of the driver.

Are you using a distro provided driver?  Some of the distros include a
> patch that grabs the panel EDID via vbe.  There is work going on to
> grab this information directly from the rom.  That should fix the dpi
> values.

Same goes here, I've compared against the latest driver supplied in gutsy.

> > 2. DRI memory allocation fails. Is there something I need to enter into
> > my xorg.conf to prevent this from happening or is there a bug somewhere?
> >
> Right.  By default the driver allocates enough vram for a framebuffer
> 2708x1152.  Change the numbers in radeon_driver.c on this line, to
> reduce the default size:
> xf86CrtcSetSizeRange (pScrn, 320, 200, 2708, 1152);

I will try it out tonight and report back if it doesn't work as expected.
In the future, is there going to be mechanism in the driver preventing this
kind of over-allocation of memory, or is the framebuffer size more important
than DRI?

With kind regards,

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