older nvidia card problem

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon May 28 08:10:47 PDT 2007


The card is I believe a GForce2 5200 128 megs of ram.

I know this card can do better than the 1024x768 is currently doing now while 
booted to kubuntu-6.06.

That kubuntu version is not adjustable as the machines main software, emc2, is 
built based on that kernel version and its promise of long term support.

I have tried adding the additional resolution settings to its xorg.conf, but 
any change there results in a freezeup of x before it presents a login 
screen.  At that point I do have samba access and the Xorg.0.log's last line 
is related to that &^$*&^ wacom pad crap I've tried to delete but had to 
restore, but which also kills x in the same or very similar manner, something 
about a wacom pointer IIRC.

The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster, and this monitor has also functioned well 
with a previous debian based install, at 1600x1200, while being driven by 
this card.

The driver in use is the nv driver, and has been in all previous cases.

Should I try the NVIDIA driver, I have a copy of the latest here on this 
machine and a working Samba setup to copy it over.  The question there then 
is will the NVIDIA driver play well with the realtime kernel, its an unk.

Also, I am occasionally seeing x's cpu usage going through the roof at 70% for 
half an hour at a time, when the screen is quiet.

Cheers, Gene
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