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Wed May 23 10:21:05 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 22 May 2007 20:09:27 Carlos Corbacho wrote:
> Florian Loitsch wrote:
> > All developers already agreed to the license change. If someone was
> > actually misled she can clarify the situation separately. For most of us
> > the desire to have the license to be the same as the xorg-license seems
> > reasonable, sufficient and acceptable.
> I'd be a bit loathe to just commit the changes though while there is still
> any ambiguity (although obviously I would be happier if we just took the
> agreement to the license change so far and left it at that)
sorry. misunderstanding. I completely agree with you. I was just trying to say 
that the simpler mail should be sufficient.

> - I'd prefer to 
> play it safe and send everyone again something simpler (more along the
> lines of your original suggestion, something like the following).
> (Christoph: Would you still be happy with sending any such e-mail, as you
> were the original point of contact for the developers? I feel such an
> e-mail would be better coming from you)
> Greetings again to contributors/ developers of the synaptics X11 driver.
> Thank you all for replying to the previous e-mail - all of you agreed with
> the license change. However, there has been some debate on the X.Org
> mailing list as to whether the original e-mail sent to you was misleading
> and/ or inaccurate (For the discussion on the X.Org mailing list, see this
> [1]). We feel that, to remove any possible ambiguity about the licensing
> change, we are obliged to contact you again to confirm that you are happy
> to relicense your contributions to synaptics to the MIT/ X11 license, and
> that you are not doing so because we may have misled you in any way over
> this.
> Many thanks for your replies, and we are very sorry to have to bother you
> again with this.
> If you have any further questions or queries on the license change, please
> do not hesitate to contact us.
> [1]
sounds good.
// florian

> -Carlos
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