No package 'pixman' found

Conke Hu at
Wed May 16 23:24:47 PDT 2007

Hi all,
    when i build xorg from git source on Ubuntu 7.04 today, I get the
following error message:

checking for XSERVERCFLAGS... configure: error: Package requirements
(randrproto >= 1.2 renderproto fixesproto >= 4.0 damageproto >= 1.1
xcmiscproto xextproto xproto xtrans scrnsaverproto >= 1.1 bigreqsproto
resourceproto fontsproto inputproto >= 1.4.2 kbproto >= 1.0.3
videoproto compositeproto >= 0.3 trapproto recordproto resourceproto
xineramaproto evieproto xkbfile xfont xau fontenc pixman >= 0.9.0
xdmcp) were not met:

No package 'pixman' found

I have installed cairo and libpixman (including dev packages).
What did I miss?


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