Various regressions with xf86-video-intel 2.0.0 on 855GM

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed May 16 14:26:24 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-16 at 22:05 +0200, Rémi Cardona wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been using the newest intel driver for a few weeks now and have
> noticed the following issues (some of them seem to be in bugzilla, but
> no updates have been posted there)
> All of this is done on an HP Pavilion dv1266 (ICH4 chipset) on the LCD
> screen (1280x768) without anything connected to the VGA output during
> boot-up. All prior experiences were done on version 1.7.4 of the driver.

Are you running version 1.3 of the X server? Do you have a RandR 1.2
capable version of xrandr?

> 1) XVideo doesn't work anymore. mplayer -vo xv and gstreamer with the xv
> sink either give me a blue screen "à la" overlay, or send the display
> off track (reboot via ssh).

Yes, a known regression. A preliminary patch for this has been created,
but it's not ready for integration yet.

> 2) plugging an LCD screen on the VGA, I can't get anything besides clone
> using xrandr. If I plug the VGA output before X starts, the laptop's LCD
> becomes a clone of the VGA at 1280x1024.

The 1.3 version of the server with a RandR 1.2-capable version of xrandr
should make all of this 'just work'.

xrandr --output VGA --above LVDS --auto

should 'just work' and give you a desktop spanning both monitors, as
long as you have 'Virtual 2048 2048' in your xorg.conf file.

> 3) my old xinerama xorg.conf files segfault X. Since I symlink
> xorg.conf, I have several available for different setups and none of
> them work anymore. I detailed the errors in the last comment of bug #10299

You don't want to use the Xinerama option with the 1.3 version of the
server. Yes, segfaulting is 'bad', and should be fixed.

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