Driver for ATI rs690t (xpress 1200m)

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Sun May 13 14:09:51 PDT 2007

On 5/13/07, Warly <warly at> wrote:
> Hello, I want to detailed some trouble I have to investigate the non
> working rs690 support.
> The card is a IGP with a rs690 NB, AFAIK this is a x700 with the new NB
> from ATI.
> With the last 6.6.191 driver (with added pci ids), the driver only finds
> 64KB of RAM. Investigating, it seems the MC_FB_LOCATION or the NB_TOM
> registers are not working anymore.
> I use libsegfault to check what fglrx is doing, which brings me to find
> that this values seems now to be accessed through an indirect index/data
> query to 0x78/0x7C (likely the new value of R300_MC_IND_INDEX which is
> not working anymore).
> I figure out some other changes, dump a few values of the various
> potentially idx/data registers I found, but I couldn't get the LCD
> initialized correctly (the fglrx unfortunately seems to be using vesa
> mode on this chipset, but can I still use the trace to find out how the
> screen is setup?).
> I must admit it is my first look at a video driver, and I do not really
> know what I could do to progress, I figure out that my problem is likely
> a change in the RADEON_OV0_* registers, as everything else seems to
> initialized quite correctly.
> If you have any advice or some way I could investigate, I would be happy
> to check, please forgive me if I am missing some obvious steps. I can
> provide extra information if needed, I did not want to be long.

It could also be that the new XPRESS chips use the AVIVO display
engine, in which case, the current radeon driver will be of no use.


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