Driver for ATI rs690t (xpress 1200m)

Warly warly at
Sun May 13 08:25:57 PDT 2007

Hello, I want to detailed some trouble I have to investigate the non
working rs690 support.

The card is a IGP with a rs690 NB, AFAIK this is a x700 with the new NB
from ATI.

With the last 6.6.191 driver (with added pci ids), the driver only finds
64KB of RAM. Investigating, it seems the MC_FB_LOCATION or the NB_TOM
registers are not working anymore.

I use libsegfault to check what fglrx is doing, which brings me to find
that this values seems now to be accessed through an indirect index/data
query to 0x78/0x7C (likely the new value of R300_MC_IND_INDEX which is
not working anymore).

I figure out some other changes, dump a few values of the various
potentially idx/data registers I found, but I couldn't get the LCD
initialized correctly (the fglrx unfortunately seems to be using vesa
mode on this chipset, but can I still use the trace to find out how the
screen is setup?).

I must admit it is my first look at a video driver, and I do not really
know what I could do to progress, I figure out that my problem is likely
a change in the RADEON_OV0_* registers, as everything else seems to
initialized quite correctly.

If you have any advice or some way I could investigate, I would be happy
to check, please forgive me if I am missing some obvious steps. I can
provide extra information if needed, I did not want to be long.



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