X.Org Mailing List Consolidation

Egbert Eich eich at suse.de
Thu May 10 00:36:21 PDT 2007

OK, since there seemed to have been not too many objections
I've implemented some of the changes by reorganizing the X.Org
mailing list page 
All deprecated lists have been removed from the list so people 
new to this organization will find a small and concise set of 
active lists.
Pointer to archives of all deprecated mailing lists have been
moved to a different page which can be accessed thru the main

I left 
 1. x-packagers@ 
 2. xorg-test-commit@ 
 3. xorg-test@
 4. xlibs-commit@
in place until it has been decided what will happen to them.

1. seems dead now, but Julien Cristau wants to revive it.
2. and 3. could possibly be migrated to xorg@ and xorg-commit@,
this is an issue the XTEST suite team should decide, though.
4. should probably be renamed as it's mostly used for
xkeyboard-config commits.


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