OpenGL fails after server reset in RC2; can't test in RC3

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Wed Mar 28 07:10:51 PDT 2007

Marty Jack wrote:
> Wang Zhenyu wrote:
>> On 2007.03.27 20:15:42 +0000, Marty Jack wrote:
>>> This is on a G965, builds from release tarballs of Mesa 6.5.2, 
>>> server, xf86-video-intel.
>>> In RC2, the display resolution problem on server reset was fixed, 
>>> which was another example of excellent progress, and OpenGL 
>>> applications continued to work.  However, after server reset I am 
>>> experiencing a reproducible:
>>> $ glxinfo
>>> name of display: :0.0
>>> glxinfo: bufmgr_fake.c:746: bmGenBufferStatic: Assertion `0' failed.
>>> Aborted
>>> I am curious if anyone else is able to reproduce this.
>> Our QA team doesn't report this failure. Could you try current mesa?
>> I think it was fixed after 6.5.2 release.
> It does indeed work, if I install just Mesa-from-git with the RC2 server 
> built against 6.5.2.
> I find that the RC2 and RC3 servers are not even close to being able to 
> build against Mesa-from-git.  For example the directory 
> src/mesa/array_cache no longer exists and src/mesa/swrast causes the 
> first build problem after that.
> Given that the problem is reported and understood, and not a flaw in 
>, for now I think I will go back to 6.5.2 and RC2, at least until 
> the screen-blanking gets fixed.  I need logging out and in to work.
> One more comment, the deep intertwining of Mesa and leads to a 
> need to be clear about what release of Mesa is expected at least when a 
> katamari release comes out.  In my experience that has been somewhat of 
> an undocumented area.  I encourage you to put that information in the 
> release announcement.

I'd suggest that an Xserver release should build with the last Mesa 
release.  Currently, that would be Mesa 6.5.2.

I wasn't planning on a 6.5.3 release very soon, but if there's a 
critical bug fix since 6.5.2 that people need, we might be able to work 
something out.


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