OpenGL fails after server reset in RC2; can't test in RC3

Marty Jack martyj19 at
Tue Mar 27 17:15:42 PDT 2007

This is on a G965, builds from release tarballs of Mesa 6.5.2, server, 

In pre-RC1, OpenGL applications did not work due to the DRM memory 
manager being disabled at X startup.  Running glxinfo gave the assertion 
below.  As I understand it, this was a problem with aperture memory 
allocation needing additional work.

In RC1, OpenGL applications did work due to the improvements to memory 
allocation.  This was an example of excellent progress.  However, server 
reset ("logging out and in") left the display at the incorrect resolution.

In RC2, the display resolution problem on server reset was fixed, which 
was another example of excellent progress, and OpenGL applications 
continued to work.  However, after server reset I am experiencing a 

$ glxinfo
name of display: :0.0
glxinfo: bufmgr_fake.c:746: bmGenBufferStatic: Assertion `0' failed.

I am curious if anyone else is able to reproduce this.

In RC3, I am experiencing the problem that was reported with display 
blanking after server reset, so cannot determine if this is still 
happening.  I have reverted to RC2 for now.

Thanks for your good work.  This is the only flaw in RC2 that I have 
been able to find.  I do recommend that both "logging out and in" and 
running some OpenGL be made a part of whatever smoke test you are doing 
before releases.

- Marty Jack

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