Calling free() in signal handler -> hang

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at
Tue Mar 27 16:53:33 PDT 2007


> I see.  Then, how about patching Xorg to change the XkbRules default
> to "base" instead of "xorg"?
Sure, that's not for me to decide.

> Done (with patch attached):
It looks good to me, I'll apply it ASAP.

> > No, I think I will not - in foreseable future. I do not see any
> > reason, any advantage - and I am too lazy to learn another VCS.
> ...and git isn't one of the simpler to learn, too!
I never had doubts about it - and it was a good reason per se not to
do that kind of switch.

> CVS is surely good enough for xkeyboard-config's workload, but I think it
> would be better to keep all projects hosted on freedesktop consistent with
> each other to minimize the overhead on downstream distributors and new
> developers.
So far, you're the first one to complain;) As long as fd.o keeps CVS -
it means fd.o is happy to keep at least some projects in it. And I
think xkeyboard-config will be there till fd.o decides to drop CVS
altogether (though I'd prefer to upgrade to Subversion - but it is not
crucial for me). I do not think there is any issue here - there are so
many CVS-based projects in this world (yet) that every maintainer
works with CVS anyway, I guess.

> If you prefer to keep using CVS, you could still setup a cron job to do
> one-way syncing of your changes to a public git repository in the
> xorg/app/ hierarchy.  Should be very easy to achieve with git-cvsimport.
Again, you are pushing me to learn something (about git) which is
completely out of my interests;) As I said, I do not see any real
requirement for it - noone complained so far regarding taking
xkeyboard-config from CVS. Is this a serious issue for you, honestly?
It looks like you see the problem where I fail to see it;)

Of course, if you'd commit to setup git-cvsimport for your purposes, I
would just thank you.



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