X-Server 1.3, randr 1.2 and dualscreen?

stefan deubeulyou at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 04:43:45 PDT 2007

I've got three (non technical) people using the new intel driver and
xrandr1.2; they're
using it all the time for 'real' work

So, the good news is that things do mostly work, which is great !

The 'bad' part is that we see issues like the ones Andreas mentionned, ie.
acting weirdly while moved, the second screen blanking on and off, and some
(context menu  on wrong screen, gnome integration issues).

My big question right now is where and how to report those issues - my users
probably have a good coverage of real use cases, but they can't report
themselves (again, non-tech, and not so good english)...

Should I take videos and upload them to a bugzilla somewhere :p ?

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