Navajo xkb symbols?

Jonathan D. Proulx jon at
Thu Mar 22 06:50:21 PDT 2007

To answer my question for posterity.

I needed to use the Unicode value for the oogonek (ǫ) to get it to

   // Don't know why "oogonek fails" when the unicode works...
    key <AD09> { [         o,          O,        U01eb,           U01ea ] };

Also using the Unicode combining acute rather than the dead_acute I
can get the charaters with both ogonek and acute to display, though
the cobining acute is typed after the letter rather than before as the
dead_acute is so this is a bit odd if using other dead keys.

    //U0301 is combining acute
    key <AC11> { [ apostrophe, quotedbl, U0301,  dead_diaeresis ] };

The lstroke (ł) problem was simply me using the wrong name for it.


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