Navajo xkb symbols?

Jonathan D. Proulx jon at
Wed Mar 21 12:30:49 PDT 2007


First has anyone already done a Navajo keyboard mapping?  

On teh presumption that there isn't one I've been trying to make one,
but with limited success.  From xkb/symbols/us:

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "nv" {

    name[Group1]= "Diné Bizaad based on U.S. English - International
(with dead keys)";

    include "us(intl)"
        // Alphanumeric section	
	    key <AC01> { [	   a,          A,        aogonek,
Aogonek ] };
    key <AD03> { [	   e,          E,        eogonek,
Eogonek ] };
    key <AD08> { [	   i,          I,        iogonek,
Iogonek ] };
    key <AD09> { [	   o,          O,        oogonek,
Oogonek ] };
    key <AD07> { [	   u,          U,        uogonek,
Uogonek ] };
    key <AC09> { [	   l,          L,        lstroke,
Lstroke] };

    key <AB06> { [	   n,          N,        nacute,
Nacute ] };

    //quotes are more important than dead_diaeresis, I think...
        key <AC11> { [ apostrophe, quotedbl, dead_acute,
dead_diaeresis ] };

include "compose(rwin)"


most of that works, but "ookonek" and "Oogonek" do not, though I can
compose them with "dead_ogonek + o", this is most puzzling.

The second problem is combining the ogonek with an acute, I can't seem
to do it.  I've tried dead_acute + <vowel>ogonek and dead_ogonek +

I can copy and paste the character from a UTF-8 document, so it will
display with my font in my xterm.  I don't know if the "character" is
two or three actual unicode characters see for possibilities.

It seems like this should actually be quite easy if you know what
you're doing, is it?


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