TV-out support ANYWHERE?

will nodenet at
Thu Mar 22 05:38:06 PDT 2007

> > Alternately perhaps you could see if there is a way to connect composite
> > video which should not have this problem.
> Since I only have DVI and S-Video output ports on the SDVO card, I do not
> see
> how this would be possible.

Hi perhaps the following is of some use as it is a quick way of converting
S-Video to composite and requires only a 470pf capacitor. 

The same thing can also be attempted with a scart socket (from

A hack exists to possibly attain color on devices that do not support
S-Video through SCART. This is done via joining the pins 15 and 20 in the
SCART connector (either directly or using a 470pF capacitor), and may not
yield optimal results.

This should add the colour information back to the Y channel as per setting
the "TVOutFormat" option in xorg.conf to "COMPOSITE"

>    Kristof


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