TV-out support ANYWHERE?

Csillag Kristof Csillag.Kristof.ext at
Tue Mar 20 13:21:28 PDT 2007

> It works on the mobile chips which have integrated TV out support, but
> we haven't gotten the SDVO TV out code working yet.
OK, I have to admit that I was inaccurate.
It does work in some cases, just not for me.

> It's on the list, but the list is long. Of course, shipping SDVO docs
> would make this easy for anyone else to do, so that's higher on my list 
> than writing the code myself.
I do not blame you (or anybody else except the manufacturers)
for this situation; I'm just frustrated.

> I admit to a bit of curiosity about why anyone wants TV out these days
> though; every monitor in my house has DVI or VGA inputs, which provide a
> far better picture than NTSC or even component video. But, I guess there
> are still uses.

I do not now about others, but for me, it's simple question of size:
the TV's diameter is about 25 inch. A monitor of the same size costs about 1200 USD. 

I can not afford to buy such a thing in the foreseeable future.

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