Xvideo artifacts on Savage w/ X.Org 7.2

Jon Senior jon at restlesslemon.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 07:31:04 PDT 2007

I upgraded to X.Org 7.2 to deal with a problem that I was having where the XVideo overlay basically stopped working if the screen res changed. Everything seemed to be working nicely with 7.2 except that videos tended to get some cyan bars flickering along the bottom of them sometimes. They tended to go away if I ignored them but they may simply have been a xine artifact.

The new and exciting problem is when I tried to watch the Elephants Dream film. I downloaded the 1024 version (And the HD one, but that's too big for my XVideo and runs a little slowly in XSHM) and it plays beautifully except for a large pink gradient on the right hand third of the screen. This gradient is only rendered to screen and screen captures from xine do not include it. It fades in going down the screen until near the bottom of the video window it is solid pink.

It looks constructed (I don't imagine it'd be easy to create by accident), which might suggest that it's test code from somewhere. Any suggestions?

Hardware is a SuperSavage on a Thinkpad T23 running Linux


Jon Senior

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