[Patch] Allow to configure RANDR 1.2 outputs with no device attached

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Mon Mar 12 08:05:40 PDT 2007

With RANDR 1.2 we want to be able to configure an output on which no
monitor is attached. They the mode detection logic works right now this
is not possible, as there are no modes for (not yet available) monitor
in the list of the particular output, not even the ones of the standard
pool (even if a monitor is explicitly configured).

In a discussion with Keith it turned out that he had some code (not yet
committed) that allows the command line tool to explicitly add manual
modelines, which can then be selected for the output in question. Still,
it's debatable whether standard modes should be selectable as well.

The attached patch changes the mode enumeration logic so that even
outputs without devices attached get a list of modes, created from
default modes and the ones configured by /etc/xorg.conf. A side effect
of this patch is of course that the output of xrandr shows modes for all
output plugs. Maybe these modes should only be shown if the output is
configured, or a verbose option is given to xrandr.

Anything that speaks against this patch, or shall I commit?


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