Feedback from latest Intel drivers / xserver

Daniel Kasak dan at
Mon Mar 5 20:32:31 PST 2007

Keith Packard wrote:

> Now, that's a bug I've been trying to reproduce for a long time. Is this
> reproducible at will? Explicit instructions for making this happen would
> be very welcome at this stage; I'm only seeing this when I VT switch
> back to X once every 10 or 20 times

Most certainly it's reproducible.
Get Enlightenment-0.17 working ... it's not too much trouble ...
dependancies at this point in time ( AFAIK ):

- evas
- ecore
- embryo
- imlib2
- edje
- e

 ... all from cvs.

Alternatively, there are packaged snapshots. When you're in
Enlightenment, open a terminal and type:

enlightenment_remote -default-engine-set XRENDER
enlightenment_remote -restart

That's it.

Finally, Wang Zhenyu has just emailed me and said that exa is broken on
my chip at the moment, and he's working on it, so possibly he has a fix
in mind for this already?


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