Matrox G550, dual head, 1680x1050

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at
Sun Mar 4 22:59:12 PST 2007

Hans-Jürgen Koch [2007-03-04 22:47]:
> @matroxfb developers: Thanks a lot, guys! Well done! Most people I asked about 
> having a dual-head framebuffer console at 1680x1050 thought it would be 
> impossible.
> @mga xorg developers: Well... Can you tell me why the kernel guys can 
> initialize and use the second head and you can't? If you can give me hints 
> where in the source I can start to look for the bug, I'm willing to spend 
> some time there. Is there something I could try in my configuration?

matroxfb is much better organized wrt dual-head configurations. It also
has support for some hardware that xf86-video-mga doesn't support yet.
I'm working on that.

I think you might be hitting this bug:

I just attached a temporary fix that you could try.


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