Slow 3D performance with server-1.3-branch + modesetting (DRM version issue?)

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Fri Mar 2 03:32:27 PST 2007


Just getting up to speed with all this.

I'm able to extract/package/compile the above stuff from git but I get
the following error in my Xorg.0.log:

(WW) intel(0): DRM version 1.6 older than required 1.7 for DRM memory
manager.  Disabling.

Does this refer to the kernel level DRM stuff? If so can someone point
me to something that would allow my Friendly Local Kernel Hacker to put
it into his kernels (unless it's really obvious - sorry I'm not too
clued up on how that bit works!).

Would it be responsible for poor GL performance? I've posted my
Xorg.0.log here:

As a Crap Benchmark(tm) glxgears goes from ~1000 fps to ~300 fps and
Compiz/Beryl performance is degraded (slow).


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