i810 problem?

lachnogeffelanger at zonnet.nl lachnogeffelanger at zonnet.nl
Mon Jan 22 11:52:04 PST 2007

I tried several recent distros: opensuse 10.2, ubuntu 6.06, fedora core 
6, kubuntu 6.06.
But I fail to get X setup. So no graphical desktop, no mouse (also not 
in the nano editer). With ubuntu I could read xorg.conf and it selected 
driver "i810".
My motherboard is Asus MEW, bios reports 7127 device (from .INF I can 
see that this is chip nr for i810DC133). The actual videochip and the 
manual have indication i810DC100. The drivers from Asus in Windows98 
seem to be exactly the same.

I think it is VERY important that a distro sets up X properly out of 
the box. With text-only one is more or less blind...

Are you people working on this?????

Or please SOMEone help me how to set Linux up on my humble system with 
396Mb RAM (wich should be enough) and a celeron 466Mhz.

Please reply!

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