X Freezes

alkos333 me at alkos333.net
Fri Jan 19 08:24:52 PST 2007

I use Slackware 11 and Kernel  I believe I complied everything I
could for my Intel 950 GMA.  I thought everything worked because the log
looked good and all the tests like  glxgears, Celestia, and even 3DMark2001
worked.  Later, however, I noticed that X would freeze randomly.  At first I
thought it was the whole system freezing, but then I found out that if I had
sshd running and it would freeze, I could still log in and turn off X, which
means that X is the only that actually freezes.  I haven't used any of the
stuff from the intellinuxgraphics.org website because I thought everything
was ok.  I tried disabling GLX and DRI modules in the xorg.conf, but it
still didn't help.  Do the modules from intellinuxgraphics.org solve this
issue?  What's the problem?

You can find my xorg.conf here:  http://alkos333.net/xorg.conf
My lsmod output:  http://pastebin.ca/321640
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