XvMC on savage

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Fri Jan 19 04:45:47 PST 2007

> On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 03:13:07AM -0700, John Gruenenfelder wrote:
> >
> >The MTRR stuff could be a dead end.  I only mention it beacause of the kernel
> >warning about MTRRs and the fact that on my system, and probably your's, the X
> >subsystem is the only thing besides the kernel which touches the MTRRs.
> >
> >Hmmm... just now, looking at my X log more closely, I can see that my
> >machine's display memory is also at 0xe0000000.  This makes sense seeing as
> >how we have the same machine.  But also troubling since I have no MTRR set for
> >that range.  Well... this could be the problem, no?  It looks as though all
> >those 0xd0000000 MTRR settings are for the DRM and 3D memory.
> >
> >Of course, you have MTRRs for that range (though possibly incomplete) and you
> >have the same problems as I do.  Still, I'll see that and see what happens.
> >Unfortunately, I won't be home until next week.
> Just an update here:
> I'm back home and I tried manually adding 0xe0000000 - 0xe200000 to the MTRR
> table.  That ended very badly.  X started misbehaving right away.  I was able
> to log in fine from another machine and it seemed okay.  But when I tried to
> restart X the whole machine crashed.  So... perhaps that wasn't the correct
> solution.
> Also, I have purchased a $30 NVidia AGP card for the Mythbox.  Provided I
> don't have any troubles with its TV-out, I'll be using it instead of the
> onboard Savage chipset from now on.

Thanks for the update.

The MTRR didn't make a difference for me either.

I also must admit having to throw in the towel on this one and downgrading
my X-server to 6.8.2, with Xv. As expected the CPU usage of the X-server 
dropped from
about 75% to 25%, which makes the combination work quite fine.

Will have to upgrade the MythTV box because of beeing too noisy anyway and
then I will also go for a NVidia board.


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