StartX and runlevel 5 lockup

Stauffer Victoria L Contractor 373 SPTS/ITD victoria.stauffer at
Thu Jan 18 23:53:06 PST 2007

I finally got X to run with the dual head however; it will only start
correctly if I boot to init 3 and start x. If I boot to init 5 it locks
up. Not a big deal you can always just log out and back in again to get
to a VT. But it you want to switch to another VT while running X at run
level 3 (CTRL ALT F#) it locks up to the point of having to reboot.

Now while searching the web for fixes I noticed one question/answer
regarding init phases and such that when you start X from init 3 it runs
in the foreground and when you start x from init 5 it runs in the

Now my theory is this works in the VT just like it does from an xterm.
When you start an application from an xterm and you do not place the &
after the command it locks up the window or xterm window until you kill
the application or place it in the background. Is that what is happening
with X when you start it at run level 3? If that is the case how can I
start X at run level 3 and make it go to the background?

Thanks Victoria

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