Installing/Distributing Binaries After Modular Build

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Jan 16 08:07:52 PST 2007

On Tue, 16 Jan 2007, George McCollister wrote:

> I'm using to build the modular source tree. The wiki suggests setting
> the prefix to /tmp/modular. What did the author intend to be done after
> everything is built? Permanently running X from /tmp/modular doesn't seem
> acceptable.

I think that is just an example. Not a good one.

> If I git the source tree to /home/georgem/X11R7.1 and build
> everything under my user, what is the suggested way of installing everything
> as root to a normal location? seems to create tar balls for each
> module, but they only include source. Is there a way to build binary tar balls
> (or packages) for each module that can be used to install to a different
> location or used on a different system.

Use DESTDIR for each separate component and then tar up that directory it
creates to make separate tarballs of the binaries.

> In my case I'm cross compiling
> so it makes sense to build everything as my non-root user then transfer
> everything to the target system. Right now I'm just manually copying out the
> binaries and placing them at the same locations on the target
> /home/georgem/X11R7.1. I'd like to install everything in the proper locations
> (/usr). Do I need to use fakeroot or something similar to trick the build
> scripts into thinking they are building/install with prefix /usr when they
> actually are in /home/georgem/X11R7.1?

Use --prefix=/usr for all builds.

And use DESTDIR for the actual installs.

But that will not work easily, as you won't have the dependencies in 
correct place.

Maybe just use a chroot environment to do your installs to /usr.

> It was very easy to do this with the monolithic tree (make install
> DESTDIR=<install_target_dir>).
> Any tips would be appreciated. It would probably be good to get this sort of
> information out on the Wiki.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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