Intel i915GM with SDVO CH7021A support?

Will . nodenet at
Tue Jan 16 04:08:17 PST 2007

>Sure, that's not a problem; I do like to see a bit of code review before 
>you just start pushing directly to the repository; formatting style, 
>comment content, licensing stuff; I think it's nice to have a bit of 
>handholding at first.

I agree, this makes good sense. I think it's a good learning experience for 
coders / developers to get involved in such projects.

>Sure, so we should advertise all of the formats that the TV encoder 
>supports in native form, and then selectively choose additional scaled 
>resolutions as we see fit. I can imagine we'll list a rathar large number 
>of modes.

If I understand correctly, 2 methods to do this spring to mind. Perhaps I've 
missed something here? (is it possible to adjust the resolution (and hence 
the tv format) of for example sdvo-2 and the scaled resolution (i.e. the 
resolution/format of the display plane so to speak) independently.

1. Pick the TV format only when a designated resolution is chosen. i.e. Some 
resolutions could be marked as changing the tv format and some as leaving it 

2. The closest tv format is always selected to the desired resolution. i.e. 
One at least equal to or greater than the line count of the desired 
resolution up to the limits of the available tv formats.

Using an appropriate method will it still be possible to select interlace or 
progressive modes where such choices are available?

If users still wanted some auto switching of the tv format but potentially 
wanted to exclude modes that there tv cannot display would there be a way to 
achieve this?

Will Wiseman

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