berek kr992 at
Mon Jan 15 09:44:55 PST 2007

> You will more likely find help on mesa-dev or dri-user,
> and we do care about subject line as we unfortunetly
> all have to handle spamm thus if you don't want every
> one to just skip your mail then provide somethings
> sensible as a subject line.
> Also provide more information, are you using dri
> or software mesa, what is your mesa version,
> driver version, ...

im using debian unstable all newest upgrade so xorg 7.1.1
but i have compiled from git (all newest update):
kernel-2.6.20-rc5, glproto , xf86vidmodeproto , libXxf86vm , libXmu , 
linux-agp-compact , drm , drm/linux-core , xf86-video-intel , mesa
and I have problems with wine so i was doing test and was saw that fogcord 
from mesa/progs/tests is displaying all white squares (so wrong) and i notice 
that stencil program from samples is doing segmentation fault , and i do not 
know if in that stage of develop drivers is normall and all have this or only 
i something do wrong or i should compile something more
so i was asking about site where and how should I look for the same problems

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