Intel i915GM with SDVO CH7021A support?

Will . nodenet at
Sun Jan 14 09:52:50 PST 2007


I've finished very basic support for the CH7021A in the modesetting branch, 
and was wondering the best way to push it upstream?

There is a simple routine to recognise the CH7021 and only enable the 
relevant code on this basis. I was considering adding an abstracted driver 
and move the tv out code in there.

At the moment it turns the tv out on with the selected resolution and that's 
it. It's currently only tested with PAL. I'm not setting the TV format at 
the moment so it probably just uses what was last set (presumably the BIOS 
setting). I don't think modes  and refresh rate limits from the config file 
are used currently?

I could add some standard tv modes in

i830_sdvo_get_modes(xf86OutputPtr output)

if that's not inappropriate. I assume trying to set the TV format based on 
the resolution would be inappropriate, although perhaps it would be a quick 
fix until the randr output properties are available?

Will Wiseman

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