ECC capable mainboard with Intel graphics

Stefan Brüns stefan.bruens at
Thu Jan 11 03:15:17 PST 2007


sorry for being a little bit off topic, but I am looking for a mainboard with 
Intel graphics chipset, as NVidia as well as ATI/AMD are not an option at the 
moment (no vendor supported OS driver), but would also like ECC memory 
support. As far as I know, only the 975 supports ECC, and there is nothing 
like a G975, only G965.

Am I correct, so I have to choose between ECC memory and badly supported 
graphics hardware (sorry to all the hard working OS driver developers, e.g. 
noveau/r300) on the one hand, an no ECC and good graphics support on the 
other hand? Would have thought there would be a market for highly reliable 
workstations with low demand on graphics capability.

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