Transparent Overlays in C?

Georges Da Costa llewelin at
Sat Jan 6 03:11:54 PST 2007

On 1/4/07, Wolfgang Meyerle <rotlicht at> wrote:
> Hello,
> currently I'm working on a call monitor applet which shows me the phone
> numbers of the incoming calls on my display via osd.
> For that I'm using the libxosd for now. But I want to overlay more
> phantastic things via OSD like a photo of the caller or sth like that.
> My question is now where can i start off first. Which functions could I
> use for that implementation. I want to use functions that Xorg provides.
> Has anybody done this before?

I wrote an (empirical) light osd library for a project : light-monitor
It is a small panel that uses texts and pixmaps.
In the tar.gz you can find the gosd.h and gosd.c
Currently there is no doc but if someone is interessed, I can write it.
To see how to use it you can look in light-monitor.c & light-calendar.c


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