Transparent Overlays in C?

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On Thu, 04 Jan 2007 00:03:23 +0100 Wolfgang Meyerle <rotlicht at>

> Hello,
> currently I'm working on a call monitor applet which shows me the phone
> numbers of the incoming calls on my display via osd.
> For that I'm using the libxosd for now. But I want to overlay more
> phantastic things via OSD like a photo of the caller or sth like that.
> My question is now where can i start off first. Which functions could I
> use for that implementation. I want to use functions that Xorg provides.
> Has anybody done this before?

1. override-redirect windows
2. shape extension
3. some library that probably can decode file formats for you and generate
shape masks etc.

(evas+ecore should be able to do this without you needing to know any of the
details - just turn on the right options. 1. create ecore_evas canvas window,
2. place image object in it (move, resize it, set file to load, show it, set
image fill), 3. move/resize/set overtride redirect and shaped options on ecore
evas, 4. run ecore main loop (and then maybe set timers to timeout and hide the
window or hide on click with a callback on the image object etc.)

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