Middle click drag&drop variable

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Tue Jan 2 01:21:55 PST 2007

Bob Farrell wrote:
> I'm looking to write a very simple script that opens currently selected 
> text (the text that middle-clicking "pastes") as a URL in a new Firefox tab.
> Was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can go about accessing that 
> information?  My hope is that it's an easily accessible variable but 
> things are generally not as easy as one would expect, so any help would 
> be appreciated.  If you could give as detailed an answer as possible to 
> save me having to reply with "How do you do [basic thing you took for 
> granted I would know how to do]" and wasting everyone's time that would 
> be brilliant.

You might take a look at the program "xclip", which allows command-line access
to the X clipboard, primary, and secondary selections.  Middle-click usually
pastes from the X primary selection.

- Josh Triplett

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