XDMCP over Xephyr, etc.

drew einhorn drew at technteach.com
Mon Jan 1 09:00:51 PST 2007

> I'd like to try running XDMCP over Xephyr instead of Xnest.  Hoping
> for something
> as easy as:
>     gdmflexiserver -n -l
> but sofar I haven't found any howtos or documentation other than the Xephyr
> man page which will take a while to read and study.
> Had gdmflexiserver -n -l running nicely on a Ubuntu Dapper box.  Tried upgrading
> to Edgy and ran into lots of problems and retreated back to Dapper.
> But have not gotten it working as well as it did the first time.
> When Dapper boots the login screen comes up.  I've got the options button
> in the lower left corner I can click on it and choose the option that allows
> me to log in to other X hosts.  But when I log in to the local host and run
> gdmflexiserver -n -l to bring up a nested login window the options button is
> greyed out and I can't get to another host.  The options button did work on
> my previous Dapper install.  But I'd really like to nested window to go directly
> to the screen that let's me choose a remote window anyway, have it skip
> the local login window.
> Another subject.  About 10 years or so ago some guys in another group had
> gotten an X terminal running over a dialup line.  I wonder how they
> did it.  I just
> tried a remote login over an ISDN line, and it worked.  But as you might expect
> it was so slow that it was unusuable.  In those days dialups were slower, but
> screens were much smaller.  But there were probably other optimizations.
> --
> Drew Einhorn

Drew Einhorn

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