i810 modesetting dist fixes

Ross Burton ross at burtonini.com
Mon Jan 1 07:26:31 PST 2007


I'm attempting to build packages of the modesetting/xrandr 1.2 code from
git to test it on my ThinkPad X60, and hit a problem with the
modesetting branch of the i810 driver.

Attached is a patch that:
1) adds some missing files to Makefile.am so make dist works
2) includes i830.h in i830_xf86Crtc.c so that it builds against older X
servers (currently I don't have xserver 7.2 built)
3) adds includes for math.h, string.h and so on as required to stop
warnings about undefined free(), fabs(), etc.

If it is preferred I can push my local git tree, but the changes are so
trivial it didn't seem worth it.

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