Separate keymap for every input device

Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Apr 30 09:29:01 PDT 2007

On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 11:43:17AM -0400, Sascha Hlusiak wrote:
> > Rather than manually building a keysym map, you're much better off
> > writing an XKB layout for your device.  It's not too hard, promise.
> In my case I want for the joystick driver to map joystick buttons to 
> scancodes/keysyms, so users can perform actions like "alt+tab" or whatever. 
> Users are completely free to define these mappings in the xorg.conf, so I 
> can't provide a fixed XKB layout. I was about to create a keysym map 
> dynamically, once the configuration of xorg.conf is parsed, because it seemed 
> to be the easiest way, but the keysym map wasn't used at all, when a keyboard 
> is present.

The easiest thing in this case is to generate PC or evdev scancodes.
You really want XKB when it comes to modifiers et al, so using the
standard stuff is your best option.

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