Separate keymap for every input device

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Mon Apr 30 08:43:17 PDT 2007

> Rather than manually building a keysym map, you're much better off
> writing an XKB layout for your device.  It's not too hard, promise.
In my case I want for the joystick driver to map joystick buttons to 
scancodes/keysyms, so users can perform actions like "alt+tab" or whatever. 
Users are completely free to define these mappings in the xorg.conf, so I 
can't provide a fixed XKB layout. I was about to create a keysym map 
dynamically, once the configuration of xorg.conf is parsed, because it seemed 
to be the easiest way, but the keysym map wasn't used at all, when a keyboard 
is present.

> > This would prevent me from attaching two keyboards with different
> > mappings (like German and US), right?
> Right now, that is indeed the case.  This is fixed in 1.4 (the master
> branch in git).
Alright, sounds promising. 

Sascha Hlusiak

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