Blender on Xvesa and/or Xfbdev server?

ZeAtShuttle zelco at
Sun Apr 29 10:11:52 PDT 2007


can anyone point out where could i find "Xfbdev" binary for x86? (and other) 

many(all) distros come Xvesa, why not Xfbdev too or instead?

i did find a couple of "Xfbdev" binaries on the net but they dont seem to "work", well not like Xvesa does, so my question is also - if Xfbdev is static and independent binary like Xvesa is? 

i need this for embedded Linux, goal is to run Blender on minimal X server, and i guess i have a choice of Xorg, Xvesa and Xfbdev? 

can Blender run on Xvesa and/or Xfbdev server? 

if not, id appreciate some pointers on how Xorg can be stripped-down, compiled "more static", minimized..

thank you

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