MergedFB not working on radeon X700

Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at
Thu Apr 26 13:24:29 PDT 2007

Am Donnerstag 26 April 2007 20:13 schrieb Ricardo Ribalda Delgado:
> Hi All again
>  I have tested Hans' configuration and I still have the image cloned
> in the second monitor :(. Maybe is a problem between my monitor and
> the card, you said that you had problems using a dvi cable....

No, I had problems with a VGA cable, it works with DVI. During my tests
I came to the conclusion that X _must_ be able to identify _both_
monitors, or you never get proper mergedfb.
If X can't identify a monitor, e.g because it's not connected or because
some cables/connectors are not what they should be, then it might help
to tell X what you have by giving a modeline or something like that.
I didn't test that, though. It would be nice if X started up properly
without monitors connected. I'll try that as soon as I have a lot of
spare time ;-)


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