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Daniel Waineo danwaineo at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 15:44:35 PDT 2007

--- Hannibal Ndlovu <hannibaln at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a Dell PowerEdge SC420 running Debian 3.1 and
> i have been told has
> the intel E7221 chipset. I have tried to install X
> server on it so that i
> can hopefully install KDE and have a GUI, but i
> CANNOT as there are no
> drivers. I downloaded a additional driver but that
> complains that it cannot
> compile as there are missing kernel Header Files and
> even after updating to
> kernel version and upgrading the kernel
> headers as well i still
> cannot get it to work
> Has anyone ever had this problem - Please can
> someone help me please.

Hi Hannibal,

I have a Poweredge 800 with the same chipset.  X
works, but DRI doesn't work because the BIOS doesn't
initialize the AGP port correctly.  I'm running Fedora
Core 6.  This was my Redhat Bugzilla: 

I'm using the i810 driver.  The E7221 is supposed to
be equivalent to i915 in theory, but in practice the
fancy stuff doesn't work very well (video, etc).  It
does fine as a basic X desktop.  I'm using gnome.

Best regards,
Dan Waineo

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