"Set VBE Mode failed!" - Monitor issue

Nolan Check nolancheck at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:28:00 PDT 2007

I posted this issue on the Ubuntu Forums at this address:
It seems unlikely to be answered or even noticed.

I think it's an issue with X.Org. Here is what I posted:

I'm trying to use Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop AMD64. I have not installed it.

When I try to Start or Install Ubuntu From CD, the X server fails. The error 
message I got is something like "VESA(0): Set VBE mode failed."

Starting Ubuntu in safe graphics mode fails with the same error.

Here is my hardware (I'll provide more details if someone needs to know):
- Processor: Core 2 Duo E6300
- Motherboard: Intel D975XBX
- Graphics card: ATI Radeon X1900 XT (this card is not compatible with the 
open source ati driver.)
- Monitor: ViewSonic VG2230wm (native resolution: 1680x1050, 60 Hz)

I did my own investigation, and I think the problem is with the monitor. 
Before I upgraded to the VG2230wm, I had a very old Sony Multiscan200sx, and 
Ubuntu booted fine there. But, with the VG2230wm, X.Org seems to detect some 
strange screen modes, like 1600x1200 and 1920x1440; several modes had 
resolutions greater than native. I think it's trying to use a bad screen 
mode for the graphical environment.

I also had this problem with Kubuntu 6.10 Desktop AMD64. Kubuntu takes me to 
a shell when X server fails, which allows me to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I 
was able to get X working by editing xorg.conf to take out every screen 
resolution entry except something I know my monitor supports, like 
1280x1024, then using the command startx. With regular Ubuntu, I do not get 
a shell, which makes it impossible to use.

Feature Request: I would like to be able to choose a screen resolution to 
use for X.Org when booting Ubuntu from the disc.

Since it is probably an issue with X.Org, should I try to contact them?

Basically, X.Org is detecting incorrect screen resolutions for my monitor 
(resolutions greater than 1680x1050). Deleting these resolutions from 
xorg.conf makes it work. However, editing xorg.conf is not always an option 
on a LiveCD.

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