[RFC] Input design

James Cloos cloos+pdx-xorg at jhcloos.com
Fri Apr 20 06:03:25 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Stone <daniel at fooishbar.org> writes:

Daniel> We can do this by adding HAL support to the server,
Daniel> and having it enumerate input devices via HAL.

Please do note that there is a significant user base -- albeit probably
not lurking on this list -- who will consider requiring HAL to be a
major regression.  HAL does (or at least has a reputation for doing)
too much wrong.  Constantly polling optical drives has been a frequent
complaint.  Many users instinctively kill it, and many notable devs
strongly advise not using it.

It has certainly cause considerably more pain -- for no real benefit --
on my laptop.

An option for using HAL is ok.  But the server must not rely on it.
On any platform.

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