Window mapping w/EXA really slow in Xorg 7.2

James Cloos cloos+pdx-xorg at
Thu Apr 19 09:04:39 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Feiner <jafeiner at> writes:

Joel> I have an ATi x300 (r300 driver).  I have been using EXA plus the
Joel> composite extension in conjunction with xcompmgr/kompmgr, that is,
Joel> 2d compositing.  With X server 7.1.1, everything works great.  ...
Joel> But with X server 7.2, ...  switching virtual desktops and mapping
Joel> large windows is slow.  Switching desktops is especially slow
Joel> taking as long as 2 seconds to complete.  Most of that time, there
Joel> is no change in the screen.  It is only at the very end that all
Joel> the windows appear for the new desktop.

This happens for me (on Radeon M7, r100 driver) as well, even w/o the
composite module loaded.  I use icewm.

Switching to a desktop with a seamonkey or firefox window is especially
slow.  Desktops with emacs or urxvt windows are more tolerable, but not
nearly as fast as things used to be.  (One significant difference
between the likes of emacs or urxvt vs zilla is xft vs cairo.)

My xserver, ati driver, xcb, libx11, cairo, mesa are all git master,
I use EXA, and cairo may or may not be using glitz.  (I can't tell;
glitz is linked in, but I can't be sure whether the glitz, xcb or libx11
backends are in use....)

This has been the case for a while.

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